Christies International Real Estate – Matthew Ferrara Presenter

Posted on 10/10/2013 5:40:40 PM

Dear Christies International Real Estate friends:

Let me say what a pleasure it was to meet each of you in London this month. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to share some ideas with you, as well as learn from our conversations together. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your event.

Many of you shared your business card with me, asking for a copy of the presentation and notes. To make it easy for you to engage our materials, here's what I have done:

The slide presentation has been formatted and embedded into a web page so you can interact with it just like I did during the presentation. This means you can "move around" in the content like a "mind map" right on the page, or make it "full screen" to explore on a large monitor or even a projector. It's all there for you.

I've also put the slides into a PDF format, for anyone who wishes to download the file (it's 75 MB) and print or flip through it "page" style.

Of course, I welcome any questions about the presentation, content, research or ideas. Please email or contact me any way that is easiest for you, and I'm happy to assist.

The presentation can be found at http://www.matthewferrara.com/blog/marketing/cire_london/ and the password is "london"

Thank you again and I look forward to contributing in the future!


-- Matthew

Matthew Ferrara, CEO

Matthew Ferrara Learning Network
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